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Ben Mendelsohn: behind the bad guy mask
(June 26, The Weekly Review)

Una’s Ben Mendelsohn on his American roots
(June 24, The Saturday Paper)

Una, A Quiet Passion, On Body and Soul
(June 23,

Ben Mendelsohn: Making the most of second chances
(June 22, SBS Viceland)

Coffee and Cigarettes with Ben Mendelsohn
(June 22, Broadsheet)

Ben Mendelsohn talks ‘Una’, going Full Mendo – and why he did ‘Who Do You Think You Are’
(June 22, SBS)

Ben Mendelsohn Does Not Care What You Think About Him
(June 22, Junkee)

Hollywood can’t take the edge off Ben Mendelsohn
(June 21, Courier Mail)

The moment Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn proved he’s a national treasure
(June 20, The New Daily)

Ben Mendelsohn on Una
(June 20,

The rise of Ben Mendelsohn
(June 19,

Actor Ben Mendelsohn on playing the villain
(June 19, Radio NZ)

Ben’s life on the dark side
(June 16, Herald Sun)

Ben Mendelsohn: From dish pig to Hollywood’s A-list
(June 16, Sydney Morning Herald)

Why Ben Mendelsohn is so good at playing bad guys
(June 13,

Ben Mendelsohn on Breakfasters
(June 13, RRR)

Ben Mendelsohn describes the emotional strain of playing difficult characters
(June 13,

Sydney Film Festival 2017: Ben Mendelsohn takes over
(June 12, Sydney Morning Herald)

Ben Mendelsohn promotes new ‘Una’ film
(June 9, SkyNews)

TripleJ Interview
(June 9,

Dark lord, drug dealer, paedophile … it’s all in a day’s work for Emmy-winning actor Ben Mendelsohn
(June 8,

Ben Mendelsohn returns in a blaze of glory
(June 8, The Australian)

Veteran actor Ben Mendelsohn taking well-deserved break after filming five movies
(June 8, The Daily Telegraph)

Ben Mendelsohn: Intimidating, menacing and all-round good guy
(June 7,

Why Ben Mendelsohn’s ‘Ready Player One’ Baddie Won’t Be Faithful to the Book
(May 31, The Wrap)

‘Bloodline’ Star Ben Mendelsohn Tells Us Why He Offered to Have His Teeth Pulled for a Role
(May 29, The Wrap)

‘Bloodline’s’ Ben Mendelsohn on History of Danny’s Cigarette Dangle, Which Rayburn Is the Worst
(May 26, The Wrap)

G’Day USA 2017 honours Hollywood’s man of the moment, Ben Mendelsohn
(Jan 29, The Courier)


Ben Mendelsohn on Shooting “Enormously Different” Versions of ‘Rogue One’
(December 28, Collider)

Ben Mendelsohn adds to villainous resume with ‘Rogue One’ baddie Krennic
(December 27, USA Today)

Ben Mendelsohn and Mads Mikkelsen on their Rogue One bromance and LGBT fans
(December 21, Gay Times)

Rogue One’ Baddie Ben Mendelsohn on His Beef with Darth Vader
(December 18, The Daily Beast)

“Rogue One” villain Ben Mendelsohn might be a bigger “Star Wars” fan than you
(December 16, CBS News)

Ben Mendelsohn: Say Hi To The Bad Guy
(December 12, FilmInk)

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Villain Ben Mendelsohn Turns to the Dark Side, in Style
(December 11, Wall Street Journal)

Rogue One’s Ben Mendelsohn on being a Star Wars ‘tragic’, getting mistaken for Noah Taylor
(December 9, The Fix)

Rogue One’s Ben Mendelsohn: ‘Star Wars is a childhood dream come true’
(December 8, The Guardian)

Ben Mendelsohn Introduces Us To Director Orson Krennic From ‘Rogue One’
(December 7, Uproxx)

Meet the new Star Wars villain, Ben Mendelsohn
(December 2, People)

Rogue One exclusive: Ben Mendelsohn talks Director Krennic
(November 24, Empire)

Ben Mendelsohn Discusses His Hollywood Career, ‘Bloodline,’ Working with Ryan Reynolds
(April 22, Indiewire)

Ben Mendelsohn Has Plenty Of Secrets About ‘Bloodline’ Season 2 & ‘Rogue One’
(January 2, Deadline)


Ben Mendelsohn: ‘My main skill was determination. Is that even a skill?’
(October 22, Irish Times)

Ben Mendelsohn on ‘Bloodline,’ Gambling and a Galaxy Far, Far Away
(September 30, Rolling Stone)

Our interview with Mississippi Grind’s Ben Mendelsohn gets personal
(September 26, AV Club)

Bloodline’s Ben Mendelsohn on American Accents and Australian Mongrels
(September, Vanity Fair)

KVIFF Interview
(July 5,

Ben Mendelsohn On ‘Bloodline’ Brutality, Kyle Chandler and Bad Work Days
(June 3, Variety)

Here’s Who Ben Mendelsohn Wants To Play In ‘Star Wars’ If Those Rumors Are True
(May 16, Huffington Post)

Ben Mendelsohn Makes the Case for His Rumored Star Wars Role
(May 15, Esquire)

Ben Mendelsohn On His ‘Slow West’ Coat & The Story Behind Why He Got To Keep It
(May 14, Bustle)

Ben Mendelsohn On Ryan Gosling & Why Collaborating With Him Is “Magical”
(May 13, Bustle)

Ben Mendelsohn in Bloodline: Hollywood’s dark and dangerous new star
(May 9, The Australian)

Ben Mendelsohn Plays The Black Sheep In His Family’s ‘Bloodline’
(April 23, FOX LA)

Ben Mendelsohn on playing the sinister stranger in Slow West
(April 14, Eye For Film)

What Ben Mendelsohn misses most about Australia: ‘You can’t get a meat pie anywhere’
(April 1, The Fix)

Ben Mendelsohn – the “unknown actor”
(March 27,

Ben Mendelsohn and Netflix’s Reed Hastings
(March 27,

Ben Mendelsohn for Bloodline: ‘British actors are the champions of the world’
(March 23, The Telegraph)

There will be blood
(March 20, Interview Magazine)

Ben Mendelsohn on Bloodline, Playing the Black Sheep, and the Heat of the Florida Keys
(March 20, Vulture)

Ben Mendelsohn: A Good Bad Man to Have Around
(March 13, LA Times)

Sundance 2015: The nervous charms of Ben Mendelsohn
(January 28, LA Times)


Q&A: Ben Mendelsohn on ‘Starred Up’ and the Art of the ‘Good’ Bad Guy
(August 26, Grantland)

Ben Mendelsohn: ‘The hardest things to act are fucking and fighting’
(Little White Lies)


Ben Mendelsohn: from Erinsborough to Hollywood via Gotham
(April 5, The Guardian)


INTERVIEW: ‘Killing Them Softly’ Star BenTalks Ryan Gosling, AC/DC & Not Watching His Own Work
(December 1, Movieline)

“Killing Them Softly’s” Ben Mendelsohn: Playing Drug-Fueled, Criminal Was “Fun”
(November 29, NBC NY)

Fourth wind for Ben Mendelsohn
(October 11,

Mendelsohn Kills Us Softly…WITH NICENESS
(October 10, TripleJ)

To Hollywood And Back
(October 8, The Music)

Six burning questions for Ben Mendelsohn
(October 7, Sydney Morning Herald)

Killing Them Softly: How Hollywood fell for Ben Mendelsohn
(October 6, Sydney Morning Herald)

INTERVIEW: Andrew Dominik and Ben Mendelsohn
(October 5, Graffiti with Punctuation)

Ben Mendelsohn on the joys of dancing with Ryan Gosling
(September 26, Pedestrian)

Mendelsohn’s playing nothing softly
(September 25, The Australian)

The cat that got Ben’s tongue
(March 23,


Interview with Ben Mendelsohn, star of Animal Kingdom
(July 13, The Shiznit)


Ben Mendelsohn – GQ
(December 15, GQ)

Diva Ben Mendelsohn a real handful at the AFI awards
(December 13, The Daily Telegraph)

Sex, drugs, and money
(October 10, Illawarra Mercury)

The Guys from Animal Kingdom on Roughing It in Style
(September 20, Esquire)

Ben Mendelsohn on Animal Kingdom, Crafting a Monster, and the Upside of Tension
(August 18, Movieline)

Exclusive: Animal Kingdom’s Ben Mendelsohn
(August 12, Coming Soon)

Mr. Mysterious
(May 28, The Age)

Raw talent
(May 27, Sydney Morning Herald)


Ben Mendelsohn and Sophie Lowe talk Beautiful Kate
(August 4, Rotten Tomatoes)

Ben Mendelsohn and Sophie Lowe from Beautiful Kate
(July 21, TripleJ)


Ben’s in Love
(February 20, Herald Sun)


Mr. Maverick
(November 11, The Sun Herald)


Pause for thought
(March 2, The Age)


Rock stars
(December 15, Sydney Morning Herald)

Smile. It’s snow business
(December 12, Sydney Morning Herald)


Can Ben get away with growing up?
(August 28, Sydney Morning Herald)

I, Caesar
(February 14, Sydney Morning Herald)


Role playing with Ben
(March 29, The Age)