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Jun 2017
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ABC.net.au: Ben Mendelsohn: Intimidating, menacing and all-round good guy News.com.au: Dark lord, drug dealer, paedophile … it’s all in a day’s work for Emmy-winning actor Ben Mendelsohn The Daily Telegraph: Veteran actor Ben Mendelsohn taking well-deserved break after filming five movies With five films — including one in which he worked with Steven Spielberg — slated for release over the coming year, the 48-year-old is fast emerging as Hollywood’s silent achiever.

Mar 2017
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ToneDeaf.au: Ben Mendelsohn will be the narrator of the new Gorillaz album Sydney Morning Herald: How to survive in Hollywood – tips from successful Australians So, what does it take to survive in Hollywood? During Mendelsohn’s acceptance speech, the actor reflects on the years he spent trying to get the breaks, and thanks the “many Australians over the decades that provided me with bed, board, a car. If you didn’t charge me rent,

Feb 2017
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The Guardian: G’Day USA gala dinner: stars joke about Trump and each other Screen Australia: Hoges, Luhrmann, Hemsworth: how they helped tourism Sydney Morning Herald: G’Day USA 2017 honours Hollywood’s man of the moment, Ben Mendelsohn The Australian: Actors, musicians, and Julie Bishop attend annual G’day USA gala in LA News.com.au: Aussie stars descend on Los Angeles for the G’Day USA gala Collider: Robin Hood: Origins Stunts Inspired by John

Jan 2017
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Collider: Ben Mendelsohn on Shooting “Enormously Different” Versions of ‘Rogue One’ I heard from a lot of the people I’ve spoken to –and I could be wrong– that when you shot it they would sort of play it multiple ways on set, so that way in the editing room… MENDELSOHN: Yep, absolutely, very much. We did have multiple, multiple ways of going at any given scenario, we had multiple readings