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Link Roundup #4 and new shoots Ben Mendelsohn: Intimidating, menacing and all-round good guy Dark lord, drug dealer, paedophile … it’s all in a day’s work for Emmy-winning actor Ben Mendelsohn

The Daily Telegraph: Veteran actor Ben Mendelsohn taking well-deserved break after filming five movies

With five films — including one in which he worked with Steven Spielberg — slated for release over the coming year, the 48-year-old is fast emerging as Hollywood’s silent achiever.

“It has been a hectic little while, so I am actually going to bludge for a month or two now,” he said.

ScreenRant: Ready Player One: Ben Mendelsohn’s Character Not Faithful To Book

Sun Sentinel: Clothes, furniture from Florida-filmed ‘Bloodline’ up for sale

The Wrap: ‘Bloodline’s’ Ben Mendelsohn on History of Danny’s Cigarette Dangle, Which Rayburn Is the Worst Ben Mendelsohn In Conversation Screenings of Una

The Australian: Ben Mendelsohn returns in a blaze of glory

He remains, he says, indebted to many players in the Australian film, TV and theatre industry for encouraging his career. During a fallow period in the early 2000s he contemplated throwing it all away, but didn’t thanks to film critic David Stratton.

“I was thinking quite seriously about leaving and David Stratton said ‘you’ve got something really worthwhile’ and he said some really nice things to me which have stayed with me and which I really treasure because I like being a part of the history of this thing we’ve done,” he said.

“There was a period of quite a few years where things were pretty quiet in my 30s and it just felt like ‘oh well, this is more or less over. I’ve had my run, it’s a good run’ and all that, but these things come to an end and this is looking like it’s come to an end so I’d better find something else to do’ and he was very, very good to me.”

Daily Telegraph shoot:


June 7th AAP shoot:

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Link Roundup #3 Ben Mendelsohn will be the narrator of the new Gorillaz album

Sydney Morning Herald: How to survive in Hollywood – tips from successful Australians

So, what does it take to survive in Hollywood? During Mendelsohn’s acceptance speech, the actor reflects on the years he spent trying to get the breaks, and thanks the “many Australians over the decades that provided me with bed, board, a car. If you didn’t charge me rent, there’s a good chance you’re in this list” and thanks others “for championing me when it was unfashionable to do so”.

As our latest homegrown star to hit the heights of Hollywood, what’s the reality like? “There’s no magic sprinkle dust that happens,” says Mendelsohn. “It’s a lot of work but it’s, you know, good. It’s pretty good.”

Awards Watch: 2018 Oscar Predictions – SUPPORTING ACTOR (March) | AwardsWatch Netflix filming in White Plains, Nyack and Tarrytown Former Hyannisport Resident to Appear in New Feature Film Tim Minchin’s Outback animation ‘Larrikins’ cancelled at Dreamworks

The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Rogue One’: Darth Vader Body Count Was Even Higher in Early Script

Gary Whitta, who worked on the original story with director Gareth Edwards, told Entertainment Weekly that Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) was originally intended to have somehow survived the Death Star’s shot at the Imperial base on Scarif — something he admits was “a bit of a reach” — only to have to face the music as a result.

“He survived the blast and they pulled him up and brought him to the Star Destroyer to report to Vader. … He’s all beat up, his cape’s all torn up and stuff, and he thinks he has survived,” Whitta explained.

Turns out, nothing could be further from the truth, as he discovers that he suddenly can’t breathe anymore. “Vader kills him for his failure,” the writer said.

Awards Circuit:  2017 Awards Profile: Joe Wright’s ‘Darkest Hour’ From Focus Features

Realscreen: Tribeca TV lineup features “I Am Heath Ledger,” “Vietnam War”

Told through excerpts of his greatest performances, interviews with friends and family (including Ben Mendelsohn, Naomi Watts, Ang Lee, and Ben Harper), and the lens of his own camera, I Am Heath Ledger is an intimate celebration of the actor, artist, and icon. An artist of exceptional depth and courage, Ledger was equally talented behind the camera. This stirring documentary paints a rich portrait of one of the great artists of his generation.

Sydney Morning Herald: As Loving opens, Joel Edgerton slams Married At First Sight as ‘insulting’

Edgerton is speaking from Hungary on an upbeat day. […] His friend Ben Mendelsohn is due in town soon to continue playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in a new Robin Hood.

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Link Roundup #2

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Link Roundup #1

Collider: Ben Mendelsohn on Shooting “Enormously Different” Versions of ‘Rogue One’

I heard from a lot of the people I’ve spoken to –and I could be wrong– that when you shot it they would sort of play it multiple ways on set, so that way in the editing room…

MENDELSOHN: Yep, absolutely, very much. We did have multiple, multiple ways of going at any given scenario, we had multiple readings of it. So should they ever decided to, there would be a wealth of ways of approaching these different things. And I know from having seen sort of the crucial kind of scenes throughout it, I know there’s vastly different readings of at least four of those scenes.

The Daily Beast: ‘Rogue One’ Baddie Ben Mendelsohn on his beef with Darth Vader

“I think what drives Orson Krennic is a sort of an outsider’s resentment,” Mendelsohn mused. “An inverse snobbery about the officer class that populates the Imperium. I also think he’s very driven by his practical goal—he’s the head of military intelligence and operations—of bringing the Death Star online. And that’s a very pressing concern.”

The Guardian: Rogue One’s Ben Mendelsohn: ‘Star Wars is a childhood dream come true’

Mendelsohn says: “It was like the seven-year-old me’s dream come true, 1977, Star Wars. From the ages of six to about 12, you’ll find that’s the peak age range where these movies go straight in – zoom!” He mimes a rocket flying into his face and blowing his kiddie-consciousness into a million pieces. “It hit me at an elemental level, and, for that kid I was then, I’m very glad. I often quip that there were many times in my life when I wish I’d been able to tell myself: ‘Don’t worry about it, one day you’ll be in a Star Wars movie.’ Alas, you can’t do it. And yet …” he chuckles, “here we are.”

Vulture: Half of This Interview With Rogue One’s Ben Mendelsohn Is Just About His Outfit

Q: I’m glad we’ve already gotten so much interview mileage from just the cape!

A: Listen, I have no doubt that cape is, and you’ll pardon my language, a motherfucking movie star. It’s a movie star all on its own!

USA Today: Ben Mendelsohn adds to villainous resume with ‘Rogue One’ baddie Krennic

Q. What role helped you most in finding Krennic’s personality?

A. It was theater, probably playing Mark Antony in Julius Caesar. That was closely preparatory because it was about an empire, it was about the way one conducted one’s self, and it was about the arguments one has to make in order to politically survive within that space.

CBS News: “Rogue One” villain Ben Mendelsohn might be a bigger “Star Wars” fan than you

Q: OK, so what did you get at the gift shop?

A: OK, I got three of the Yodas because for my money that is the single best buy at the gift shop –because they’re a limited edition of the cast. I got a collection of droids, I got the Death Star top of the Christmas tree thing, I got a couple of Death Troopers to hang on the Christmas tree, I got some shoes for the girls … what else? Oh, and I got the samurai versions of Vader. I thought that was too special to pass up.

Gay Times: Ben Mendelsohn and Mads Mikkelsen on their Rogue One bromance and LGBT fans

JJ Abrams has hinted there’s a gay relationship brooding between Finn and Poe in The Force Awakens. How about you two being the next same-sex couple in the Star Wars universe?

Ben: Well, we do have a dyed-in-the-wool bromance. But the next? [SPOILER ALERT!] Only if they go back and do an heroic retelling.

Mads: But there is a seed planted, definitely.