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Jun 2017
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Sydney Film Festival is geared to start soon and Ben is getting a jump on promoting ‘Una’ and ‘Bloodline’ while in Australia. He’ll be in Sydney and Melbourne for premiere screenings and Q&A/conversations of ‘Una’ while the festival is going on. Ben was a guest the other night on talk show Drive, hosted by Veronica and Lewis. The entire interview hasn’t been uploaded yet, but here’s a brief clip of Mendo doing a

May 2017
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Ben will return to Sydney in June to attend the premiere of ‘Una’ at the Sydney Film Festival and hold a conversation event/Q&A with audiences, along with director David Caesar (‘Idiot Box’, ‘Mullet’). From the film festival website: Following the screening of Una, Ben Mendelsohn and director David Caesar will discuss the film and his extraordinary career from the beginnings in Australia to his more recent international successes. The screenings

May 2017
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Gorillaz’s new album, Humanz, was released this week and you can buy the album on iTunes and Amazon. Ben has narrated several interludes for the album so be sure to give it a buy or a listen! A brief video of Ben recording, from Gorillaz’s Instagram story: Ben spoke to music mag Q Magazine about working with Gorillaz: “I came to this already a fan. I got a call asking if I

Apr 2017
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Spike TV has filmed a documentary on late actor Heath Ledger and interviewed his family and friends, including Ben Mendelsohn, Naomi Watts, and Ang Lee. See Ben’s part of the trailer below: You can see the Heath Ledger documentary when it airs on Spike on May 17th. I have also added tons of new stills from Una to the gallery, including official stills and screencaps from 4 brief clips released in German. Be

Mar 2017
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The band Gorillaz revealed today that Ben narrates the interludes on their upcoming album, Humanz. Ben is featured on the cover art as well. They also posted several behind-the-scenes snaps of Ben recording. Watch below: (h/t memendelsohn.tumblr.com) Humanz is set to be released April 28th, 2017. The Rogue One blu-ray is being released April 4th. I have added screencaps of Ben in the blu-ray special features to the gallery:    

Jan 2017
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According to Deadline, Netflix is financing director Nicole Holofcener’s latest project, ‘The Land of Steady Habits’, a film adaptation of the novel by Ted Thompson. Holofcener is directing her own adapted screenplay. Ben is set to play the lead role, a character named Anders Hill. Synopsis of ‘Steady Habits’, from the author’s website: Coming of age can happen at the strangest times. For Anders Hill, long ensconced in “the land of

Jan 2017
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Ben will be on the receiving end of the G’Day USA Excellence in Film and Television Award at the G’Day USA Los Angeles Gala. The G’Day USA Los Angeles Gala is the pre-eminent business networking event for Australian and US companies seeking to increase their visibility and presence in our respective markets. The Gala offers an immersive Australian experience, showcasing Australian food, wine and entertainment, as well as exciting sponsor activations