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Filming: Misanthrope

Ben has just finished filming the serial killer thriller ‘Misanthrope‘ in Montreal. The film, directed by Argentinean Damián Szifron, also stars Shailene Woodley, Ralph Ineson and Jovan Adepo. The filming started late January and it is now in post-production with an undetermined release date in 2022.

In Misanthrope, Shailene Woodley stars as a troubled but talented young cop who is recruited to help profile and catch a serial killer. Ben is playing the lead cop in the film. Ben’s character is, according to some reports, a mentor to Shailene’s character. Although the film was shot in Montreal, the film will be set in Baltimore.

Here are some pictures of Ben and Shailene on the set.

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Bernie Memes: Mendo Edition

After the inauguration of Joe Biden, the ‘Bernie Sanders in a Chair‘ meme completely took over Twitter, and yes – there were some great Ben Mendelsohn related ones too.