2018 Toronto International Film Festival roundup
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2018 Toronto International Film Festival roundup

Ben has been at the Toronto International Film Festival this past week, promoting and attending the world premiere of The Land of Steady Habits, with costar Thomas Mann and director Nicole Holofcener. All of the photos  and interviews from TIFF below:

Variety Studio

ET Canada Lounge

Land of Steady Habits Press Conference

Land of Steady Habits Premiere

TIFF Portraits and Photoshoots

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ET Canada: Ben Mendelsohn on being linked to Star Wars
ET Canada: Ben Mendelsohn and Nicole Holofcener talk female directors and Captain Marvel
Tribute.ca: The Land of Steady Habits interview

The Land of Steady Habits is available to watch on Netflix now.

Ben Mendelsohn reunites with Joel Edgerton and David Michod for Netflix film ‘The King’
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Ben Mendelsohn reunites with Joel Edgerton and David Michod for Netflix film ‘The King’

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Ben has joined the cast of the Netflix film ‘The King’, which begins filming this week. He joins Robert Pattinson, Timothee Chalamet, Joel Edgerton, and Lily-Rose Depp in the David Michod film.

David Michod, the director behind Netflix’s War Machine as well as crime drama Animal Kingdom, is helming the production, which begins June 1 in the U.K., and wrote the script with Edgerton.

Plan B is producing along with Liz Watts, who produced Michod’s Animal Kingdom as well as The Rover. Edgerton and Michod are also producing.

According to Netflix, The King is based on Shakespeare’s Henry IV and V, focusing on a young and disgraced prince Hal (aka the future King Henry the V) who “inherits the crown and must learn what it means to be a king, guided by his one true friend, Falstaff.”

Chalamet is playing Hal, while Edgerton is Falstaff.

Pattinson will play The Dauphin, who is a French duke; Mendelsohn will play King Henry IV; Depp will portray Princess Catherine, daughter of the French king, who marries Hal; and Harris will step into the shoes of William.

In other news, it was recently announced that Ben and Essie Davis are starring in an Australian film set to film in the summer:

Production is due to get underway this summer on the Screen Australia-backed movie which is set to be directed by first-timer Shannon Murphy. Pic is being produced by Alex White and executive produced by Jan Chapman (The Piano). The bittersweet comedy charts the story of a couple who realize their seriously ill teenage daughter has fallen in love with a drug dealer.

READY PLAYER ONE is coming out on DVD/Bluray on July 24th, with plenty of special featurettes including:

– The ’80’s: You’re The Inspiration
– Game Changer: Cracking the Code
– Effects for a Brave New World
– Level Up: Sound for the Future
– High Score: Endgame
– Ernie & Tye’s Excellent Adventure

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To Ben, On His 49th Birthday

Dear Ben,

I’m writing this on the last day of deadline for the (HappyBirthdayMendo.tumblr.com) project, which I am wont to do.

Without becoming overzealous in trying to craft an interesting, memorable message, I’ve been a fan of yours since around 2012. I feel blessed to have seen your career blossom in the US since then, from “that slimy character” to “underrated distinguished character actor” to “Emmy Winner Ben Mendelsohn”. I followed your work from year to year and wondered “WHY doesn’t this man have a website or a fansite? Fuck it, I’ll do it myself.” Behold: ben-mendelsohn.com was born.

It’s refreshing to have a favorite actor that keeps an air of mystery, and the fans learning something new with every interview. Like, learning you’re a gamer, what kind of games you like to play – that had the Ben “fandom” talking for hours. I was disappointed at first knowing you weren’t active on social media, had rarely – if ever – really tweeted, and hadn’t posted a picture on IG in years. Disappointed, yes, but to reiterate – really quite refreshing. You like your privacy and myself and other fans like to protect your privacy. Every new tidbit, or appearance, from you (or post from Susan) is like a 3 course meal.

Even if we can’t decipher what the FUCK you post on Instagram, like, ever.

There is a small, active, and loving community of fans on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, etc and there is so much adoration pouring from these fans, it’s impossible to put it into words. So we put it into our blogs, our tweets, and specifically, the happybirthdaymendo blog for your 49th birthday this year. Your fans are such diverse, talented, exceptional, amazing, loving human beings and I am so proud to be associated with them and to interact with them every day. With your acting, your interviews, your dad jokes, I’ve witnessed your impact first hand on these fans and it has been incredibly uplifting to watch.

Our world is incredibly callous, yet we are lucky to have people who redeem the rough edges with love, humor, and warmth. You are one of the redeemers. Thank you for being an incredible presence in film, tv, and to your fans. I am a big supporter of your work, your style, and your humanity.

With love,


Ready Player One in Empire Magazine April 2018
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Ready Player One in Empire Magazine April 2018

Empire Magazine takes a deep dive into Spielberg’s iconic career, starting with a several page spread about the upcoming READY PLAYER ONE. Scans below, linking to the full size:

The most feared of these opponents is Nolan Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn), the head of Innovative Online Industries (IOI), a corporation looking to take over the OASIS in order to monetise it. For Mendelsohn, Sorrento’s intimidatory tactics are helped by his name — “It’s like Snake Plissken, what a fucking name” — but the moniker masks a nexus of complexities.

“He’s a nerd who’s managed to finagle and manipulate his way into a position of power. He wants the internet to be a commodity and he owns the hardware. He leads a crack force — they’re the shit — against these charming amateurs.”

To what extent would Mendelsohn, an alum of The Dark Knight Rises and Star Wars: Rogue One, self-identify as a nerd like Sorrento?

“Fuck off!” he bellows, jokingly. “And I say that with love. I don’t eschew the nerd side at all, but you want me to talk about it in this fucking magazine? Eat a bowl of dicks!