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To Ben, On His 49th Birthday

Dear Ben,

I’m writing this on the last day of deadline for the ( project, which I am wont to do.

Without becoming overzealous in trying to craft an interesting, memorable message, I’ve been a fan of yours since around 2012. I feel blessed to have seen your career blossom in the US since then, from “that slimy character” to “underrated distinguished character actor” to “Emmy Winner Ben Mendelsohn”. I followed your work from year to year and wondered “WHY doesn’t this man have a website or a fansite? Fuck it, I’ll do it myself.” Behold: was born.

It’s refreshing to have a favorite actor that keeps an air of mystery, and the fans learning something new with every interview. Like, learning you’re a gamer, what kind of games you like to play – that had the Ben “fandom” talking for hours. I was disappointed at first knowing you weren’t active on social media, had rarely – if ever – really tweeted, and hadn’t posted a picture on IG in years. Disappointed, yes, but to reiterate – really quite refreshing. You like your privacy and myself and other fans like to protect your privacy. Every new tidbit, or appearance, from you (or post from Susan) is like a 3 course meal.

Even if we can’t decipher what the FUCK you post on Instagram, like, ever.

There is a small, active, and loving community of fans on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, etc and there is so much adoration pouring from these fans, it’s impossible to put it into words. So we put it into our blogs, our tweets, and specifically, the happybirthdaymendo blog for your 49th birthday this year. Your fans are such diverse, talented, exceptional, amazing, loving human beings and I am so proud to be associated with them and to interact with them every day. With your acting, your interviews, your dad jokes, I’ve witnessed your impact first hand on these fans and it has been incredibly uplifting to watch.

Our world is incredibly callous, yet we are lucky to have people who redeem the rough edges with love, humor, and warmth. You are one of the redeemers. Thank you for being an incredible presence in film, tv, and to your fans. I am a big supporter of your work, your style, and your humanity.

With love,


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