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Final round of Una press + photoshoot outtakes

Firstly I’d like to announce that the Press section has been updated with many interviews and articles of Ben over the years. If there’s something missing, feel free to tweet us or comment on here and let us know!

Ben’s round of press in Australia promoting ‘Una’ concluded at the end of June and here are the highlights:

Radio NZ: Actor Ben Mendelsohn on playing the villain

Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn talks to Kathryn Ryan about his upcoming film Una, in which he plays a middle-aged man attempting to rebuild his life after running away 15 years earlier with a 12-year-old girl – a crime for which he was arrested and imprisoned. He also talks about his role as bad boy brother Danny Rayburn in the Netflix series Bloodline.

Books and Arts: The Rise of Ben Mendelsohn

ABC Sydney: Ben Mendelsohn on Una

The Final Cut: Una

The New Daily: The moment Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn proved he’s a national treasure

The man captivating Hollywood with his terrifying portrayals of sinister characters is a ray of sunshine in person.

Friendly, down to earth and, most notably, a true-blue Aussie bloke.

This becomes clear when The New Daily asks Mendelsohn, 48, about the story behind recent paparazzi photos of him eating a pie on a Sydney street.

“I’d been f***ing dying to eat a meat pie,” the actor says while in Melbourne for the Sydney Film Festival and Vivid Ideas.

“You can’t get them anywhere but here. So I got the meat pie. I got two in fact, ’cause I was hungry. I cracked the sauce on it, got into it, then I looked up and was like ‘oh f*** I’m being papped!’

“If you’re an Australian guy that’s the best kind of papping you can get. I was very, very proud.”

JunkeeBen Mendelsohn Does Not Care What You Think About Him

When Mendelsohn comes to the phone with a friendly “G’day!”, I find his gravelly Aussie drawl — blissfully unaffected by years working in another country — a bit arresting. That is, until he jolts me back into the conversation by exclaiming “Bullshit!” loudly into the receiver when I tell him it’s sunny in Melbourne.

SBSBen Mendelsohn talks ‘Una’, going Full Mendo – and why he did ‘Who Do You Think You Are’

BroadsheetCoffee and Cigarettes with Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendelsohn’s morning tea is two Freddo Frogs, two Caramello Koalas, a latte and two American Spirit cigarettes. He lines the chocolate treats up on the bench beside him, then remembers the brownies. “They’ve got these fucking brownies, they’re excellent,” he says. “I’ll get you one.” He disappears back inside and returns with two chocolate brownies. I can confirm the brownies are excellent.

The Saturday PaperUna’s Ben Mendelsohn on his American roots

The Weekly ReviewBen Mendelsohn: behind the bad guy mask


I was also able to find the outtakes from the People Magazine shoot in December. You can view them in the gallery:

Vanity Fair outtakes:



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